UN CALLING ASIA: Afghanistan needs to do more to end torture, says UN report

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Georgette Gagnon at UNAMA press conference. Photo: UNAMA/Fardin Waezi

Authorities in Afghanistan need to do more to end torture and ill-treatment of conflict-related detainees, says a UN report released this week. The report, by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is based on interviews with 790 people who are detained. It says that there has been some progress in ending torture in detention facilities, and the new government is committed to accelerate its efforts to fully eliminate it. To find out more about the report, Derrick Mbatha spoke on the line to the Afghan capital, Kabul, with Georgette Gagnon, a human rights expert at UNAMA and first asked her if torture in detention is a serious problem in the country.

Baku comes late to urban planning

Baku (World Bank video capture)

A plan to improve the quality of life in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is being supported by the World Bank. The city has grown quickly following an oil boom in the country, and now efforts are being made to bring some order to that development. The Bank is helping the city to develop a detailed land management plan which will provide more public places such as parks and improve road safety for the 3.5 million inhabitants. Alison Schafer reports.

Landmines do not recognise peace, says UN agency at launch of $296 million appeal


Mine clearance takes time and money, and the UN agency that's leading global efforts against the deadly weapons—UNMAS—says it needs nearly $300 million to carry on with its work. UNMAS has identified 23 countries and territories which require its help urgently with 175 ongoing projects. The agency's director, Agnès Marcaillou, tells Daniel Johnson that countries such as Afghanistan are close to becoming mine-free, but this can only happen with continued international support.

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