WOMEN: Glass ceiling is showing small openings for women, says ILO

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Woman Chief Executive Officer, Argentina. ILO PHOTO/Maillard J.

The latest report into women in business has found that only five per cent hold a top management position, according to the International Labour Organization. It's calling for an overhaul of corporate culture to help more talented women break through the so-called glass ceiling. The organisation insists that companies need to stop pigeon-holing women in sectors including human resources so that they can get the experience they need in other areas of business to make them eligible for a top CEO position. The ILO report also found that there are now more women in senior and middle management positions than in the last 20 years in 80 out of 108 countries that feature in its 2015 study. ILO spokesperson Deborah France-Massin explained the findings to reporter Daniel Johnson.

Men help women by helping men

In order for men to help women to achieve gender equality, men need to help themselves first, according to the head of a male-led campaign to end violence against women. Todd Minerson, executive director of the White Ribbon Campaign, has been speaking at the Barbershop Conference underway at the United Nations. The Campaign promotes gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. I spoke with Mr Minerson and he explained that in order to get men involved, he helps them to understand how society shapes the way men view and treat women.

Women in top positions make good business sense

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There is a growing recognition that women in senior management positions make good business sense, according to a UN agency. The International Labour Organization (ILO) says more and more women are moving into top management and starting successful enterprises than ever before. Only 5 percent of the world's CEOs are women, so companies and employer' organizations are raising awareness of the qualities women bring to leadership positions…as Karen Naets-Sekiguchi reports.

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