WOMEN: Food shortages put Liberia's children at risk for malnutrition

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The Ebola epidemic in Liberia has put children at high risk of malnutrition because of food shortages and diminished household incomes. That's the view of the UN Children's Fund, UNICEF. An estimated 170,000 people in the West African nation are severely food insecure; by March, the number could reach 300,000. People in Guinea and Sierra Leone, the other two countries stricken by the epidemic, are also facing food shortages. Jocelyne Sambira reports.

Jobs for women grow "economic pie for everyone"

Two women double pound grain, or dura, using a large wooden mortar and two pestles. UN Photo/Isaac Billy

The world economy would benefit by boosting women's participation in the labour force and business, according to an official of the World Bank. Sarah Iqbal says that countries around the world should change their laws to enable women to play a more significant role in the labour market. Jocelyne Frank sat down with Ms Iqbal who first spoke about the challenges that women face in starting businesses.

Farming children in Côte d’Ivoire graduate into the classroom

Halima in school (UNIFEED Video Capture)

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) says cocoa producers in Côte d’Ivoire are reassessing their farming culture as they seek to get their children out of the fields and into the classroom. The agency says an increasing number of parents are seeing the value of education and are keen to make sure their children do not miss out… as Stephanie Castro reports.

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