Spotlight on importance of forests at UN meetings

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A forest path in Bosung, Republic of Korea. UN Photo/Kibae Park

Progress has been made in preserving forests since the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) was established 15 years ago but more still needs to be done.

That's the assessment of a forest expert from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) who is attending a week-long meeting which opened in New York on Monday.

FAO says that forests are important not only because they provide raw materials but also because they also mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon.

Eva Muller is Director of the Forest Economics, Policy and Production Division of FAO.

"The UNFF has been in existence for fifteen years now and it has already achieved a lot. For example, FAO estimates now that global deforestation rates are slowing down but the deforestation rates have not yet been stopped and there is still a lot to do and the countries have decided that in May 2015 they will review what has been achieved and decide what has to be done to better protect and manage the world's forest resources." (26")

Ms Muller said the meetings taking place this week are to prepare for the decisions that are to be taken by the UNFF in May on the future of forests.

She said this is particularly timely because later in the year there will be a major meeting on climate change in Paris, France and forests will play an important role in the decisions that will be taken there.

Stephanie Castro, United Nations.

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