Donors urged to meet pledges for Gaza reconstruction

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Donors have been urged to meet their financial pledges to fund the reconstruction of Gaza following the conflict with Israel last year.

Up to 100,000 families in Gaza are living in houses that have sustained varying degrees of damage.

The appeal was made by the UN deputy head of political affairs, Jens Toyberg-Frandzen during a briefing to the Security Council on Thursday.

Last year, international donors pledged US$5.4 billion at a conference held in Cairo Egypt.

Mr Toyberg-Frandzen said that obtaining the necessary financial resources to allow Palestinians in Gaza to procure materials continues to be what he described as "a monumental challenge" for the majority of those in need.

"Most pressingly, donors have largely failed to fulfil their pledges, three months after the Cairo conference. This has severely handicapped the ability of the Government of Palestine, the United Nations and other development actors on the ground to make significant progress on recovery and reconstruction work. The importance of donors urgently meeting their pledges cannot be overstated." (21)

Mr. Frandzen also warned that Gaza is facing challenges, including the still outstanding payment of salaries to employees.

He told the Security Council that in late October, the United Nations facilitated a one-time humanitarian payment to help temporarily address the matter but it is still threatening stability in the region.

Stephanie Castro, United Nations

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