Ukraine suffering a total breakdown in law and order, says UN expert

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Ukraine is in the grip of a total breakdown in law and order and civilian killings are on the rise again despite a ceasefire between warring parties, the UN has warned.

In its seventh monthly report on the conflict, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights says the September the 5th truce has failed to reverse the number of people killed, tortured or disappeared in the east of the country.

There have been nearly 1,000 fatalities since the ceasefire was signed in Minsk, according to senior UN official Gianni Magazzeni.

This represents an average of 13 victims per day and the trend is going back up, he said.

"Civilians continue to be killed, illegally detained, tortured; they are disappearing and the number of internally displaced people is growing especially in the eastern part of Ukraine where there is a total breakdown in the rule of law and there is very little — if we can talk about protection — very little protection if any at all."  (22″)

Mr Magazzeni unveiled the report in Geneva adding that the number of internally displaced has risen with 466,829 on the move, with more than 19,000 of them from the Crimea.

Minorities are also subject to intimidation, illegal detention and rape, he said.

The continuing presence of sophisticated weaponry and foreign fighters in the east was also a concern, according to the UN expert, since "it has a bearing" on the human rights situation.

Daniel Johnson, United Nations

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