Passion driving civil society talks on nutrition in Rome

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Colorful seed and cereal sacks Bab al Yemen market.                         Photo:  ©FAO/S.Villar

Passion is what is driving civil society talks ahead of the Second International Conference on Nutrition.

This is according to Stefano Prato, a member of the civil society liaison group which is coordinating the inputs from non-governmental organizations on what they intend to advocate at the three-day conference.

On Monday, civil society focused on exchanging ideas about their priorities on food security and nutrition to be raised on Wednesday.

By then, they need to have finalize their common position to be presented to more than 90 ministers and hundreds of government officials gathering to talk about the right to healthy food.

Mr Prato described the current atmosphere during civil society negotiations.

“The primary motive of civic agency is passion. Maybe passion for one issue, passion for one particular location, but it is passion. And of course the energy that is in the room where all these passions come together sometimes also generate tensions, and this is part of the fact that this is a room full of energy, not a room full of bureaucrats.”

Mr Prato added that the process has nonetheless brought the group together, and he ensured they will have a common politically significant position by the conference's opening.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations reporting from Rome.

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