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Photo: World Bank/Natalia Cieslik

People around the world are being given an opportunity to promote children's rights by making videos of their own version of John Lennon's iconic song Imagine.

Using the hash tags #Imagine and #EveryVoiceCounts, millions including celebrities, will be able to participate in a worldwide sing-along to highlight the challenges children face around the world.

Developed by French DJ David Guetta, it's the artist's third collaboration with the United Nations.

The project was launched in New York on Thursday during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Mr Guetta's manager, Caroline Prothero says that his last UN project, The World Needs More, was hugely successful.

"That campaign was called the world needs more and every time somebody wrote or tweeted the world needs more hashtag and a word, that word was sponsored. So David Guetta sponsored love and different brands sponsored education and water etc. etc. and It raised enough money to buy 2.4 million vaccinations, thousands of books for kids, and also water pumps, and raise awareness most of all for the amazing work that the humanitarian workers do."

DJ David Guetta will release a remix video of John Lennon's Imagine using all the footage sent in by participants of the #Imagine project, on New Year's Eve.

Stephanie Castro, United Nations

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