UN CALLING ASIA: "Bully tactics" used by some aid donors says Timor-Leste Minister

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Timor-Leste. UN Photo/Martine Perret

The Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste is voicing that some aid donors are still using "bully tactics" in her small south-east Asian island. On the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York, Emilia Pires said a partnership means you are supposed to work together and respect the priorities of a country. Minister Pires explained to Stephanie Coutrix why she is very angry.

Cambodia aims to triple rice exports by 2015

(UNifeed video capture)

Cambodia is aiming to triple its export of rice by the end of 2015. That's the ambitious goal of the government of the small South-East Asian country. But how can struggling rice farmers step up production when they barely produce enough to feed their children? Surprisingly, the answer may be found in computer software. Technology specialists and agricultural experts from the UN agency IFAD have joined forces to develop software that could change the way farmers farm. Joanne Levitan reports.

Benefits of investing in protection of biodiversity “outweigh financial costs”

UN Photo/John Isaac

The benefits of investing in protecting the world's natural resources or biodiversity "outweigh financial costs" a UN-backed report has found. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, is Chair of the panel tasked with assessing the needs for the implementation of a Strategic Plan for Biodiversity up until 2020. Florencia Soto Nino asked Mr Rodriguez about the report which was authored by the panel.

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