Ukraine “not a victim” of West, only of Russia

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Yuriy Sergeyev. UN Photo/Kim Haughton

Ukraine has blamed Russia for what it described as the "occupation of Crimea" and said other states had not been involved.

In March, the Ukrainian region of Crimea voted in a referendum to join the Russian Federation, a move which was branded illegal by much of the international community.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Yuriy Sergeyev, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations said his country was surprised by a statement made by Russia in the UN General Assembly.

Mr Sergeyev said the statement suggested that western countries were involved in the Crimea annexation.

“[The] Russian delegation tried to convince others that the occupation of Crimea and aggressive actions in the east of Ukraine were provoked exclusively by western countries, and what is going on in Ukraine is a mere reflection of a confrontation between the West and Russia. This is [a] very strange position. The truth is that Ukraine has been neither the victim of Europe, nor the United States, nor of any other state but of Russia.” (0'25")

Ambassador Sergeyev added the Russian and Ukrainian people remain friends and share common civilized values.

Sporadic fighting has continued in eastern Ukraine between government forces and armed groups.

In August, the UN human rights office said that up to 36 people were being killed every day, in the region.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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