Ebola disease "merciless" in Liberia, says Head of UNMIL

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Ebola virus. FAO

The spread of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Liberia has been described as merciless by the Head of the United Nations Mission in the country.

Karen Landgren was at UN Headquarters in New York to present the latest progress report of the Secretary-General on UNMIL, the UN Mission in Liberia.

However, she told the Security Council that the report has been overtaken by the Ebola virus disease, as Liberians face their gravest threat since the civil war.

The Ministry of Health puts the number of reported cases in Liberia above 2070 with over 1200 deaths.

Ms Landgren said there is no real disagreement among heath experts about what needs to be done.

"Advocacy and community mobilization, prompt removal of suspected EVD cases from communities to case management centres, urgent and safe disposal of bodies and robust contact tracing and active case search are the main elements. This does require going community to community and even door to door to inquire, inform, and support." (0'21")

Unlike an earthquake or a flood, Karen Landgren said, this crisis grows exponentially.

She added that the UN Mission pledges its full support and continues to review the range of capabilities it can bring to end what she called this "latter-day plague".

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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