UN CALLING ASIA: Cost of climate change “unbearable”: UN chief

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Ban Ki-moon. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is becoming increasingly unbearable, the UN Secretary-General told world leaders on Tuesday. Ban Ki-moon was speaking as he opened a one-day Climate Summit at UN headquarters in New York to galvanize international action on the issue. It’s expected the summit will provide momentum for a global agreement which it’s hoped will be signed by world governments next year. Daniel Dickinson reports from the United Nations

Fashion show aims to provide scholarships for disadvantaged students

Nansalmaa Sanjmyatav (left) with a model wearing her design (right)

A fashion show displaying trendy clothing designed by women artisans from a broad range of developing countries took over the delegates' dining room at the United Nations on Monday. The International Trade Centre organized the event to support the work of female designers from Ethiopia, India, Mongolia, Palestine, Papua New Guinea and Peru. A limited collection of their creations will now be for sale in department stores in the United Kingdom and the United States. Proceeds will provide scholarships for young people from low income communities. Stephanie Coutrix asked Nansalmaa Sanjmyatav, an artisan from Mongolia, about being a part of this original project.

Christina Ora. Photo/UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service NGLS

Pacific Island youth do not want to become "climate refugees"

Climate refugee is not a label a young person would want to be given, an activist with the Pacific Island Youth Council said. Christina Ora, from the Solomon Islands, was in New York as a youth delegate during the UN Climate Summit representing her region. According to the UN, many of these low-lying areas are increasingly forced to deal with rising sea levels, inundations and oceans becoming more "acidic" and therefore destroying coral reefs and other species that live in water. The Pacific Island Youth is looking to incorporate their traditional knowledge with new technology to adapt to the changing weather patterns, she noted. Speaking to Jocelyne Sambira, Ms Ora began by listing the atolls that are bearing the brunt of the changing weather patterns for now.

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