UN CALLING ASIA: Children pay a heavy price across South Asia: UNICEF

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More than two million children in South Asia die before their fifth birthday, according to a new report released by UNICEF on Thursday.  Key findings on the latest trends and data on children across South Asia show that while there is huge progress in some health and human rights strong inequalities still persist in other areas.   One significant challenge remains sanitation; nearly 700 million people in South Asia still defecate in the open.  Stephanie Coutrix asked Karin Hulshof, regional director for UNICEF in South Asia, about how the situation for children has evolved since the Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed 25 years ago.

Massive UNHCR aid operation in northern Iraq

Internally displaced Iraqi girls queue for food. ©UNHCR/B.Szandelszky

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) is conducting a massive aid operation to assist some 500,000 Iraqis displaced by conflict in northern Iraq.  It includes airlifts and transport of aid by road and sea which have already supported more than 10,000 families in Iraq's Dohuk Governorate.  Recent assessments indicate there are now more 850,000 displaced in the country's Kurdistan region.  Seevo, a man with disabilities, was carried by his son for six days to escape attacks in their home village.  Edward Colt met with Seevo and his family to learn more about UNHCR's aid operation.


"Bold initiatives" ahead of UN climate change summit

A number of, what have been described as, "bold initiatives" have been made ahead of a major summit on climate change taking place at the United Nations next week.  Over one hundred heads of state and government are expected at the Climate Summit in New York, which has been convened by the UN Secretary-General.  The summit is expected to build momentum for a worldwide climate agreement, to be made in Paris, France in 2015.  Selwin Hart is Director of the Secretary-General's Climate Change Support Team.  Elena Vapnitchnaia asked him what he expected to come out of the summit.

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