WOMEN: Young Syrian refugee girl in Jordan recovers from trauma

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Shahad. UNHCR (video capture)

The conflict in Syria has caused Syrian boys and girls of all ages to suffer immensely, both physically and psychologically, a report by the UN Refugee agency has found. Entitled "The Future of Syria, Refugee Children in Crisis", the report says the psychological effects can be far-reaching, affecting children's well-being, sleep and speech. Four-year-old Shahad is among hundreds of thousands of children suffering from the traumatic effects of the war in Syria. After a bomb attack on her family home, she stopped speaking. Jocelyne Sambira reports.

Paternity rights recognise role of fathers as care-givers

Photo:ILO/Mirza A.

The establishment of paternity rights for fathers across the world recognizes their central role as care-givers within families.That's according to the International Labour Organization. The ILO says around half of the world's countries have legislated for the statutory right to paternity leave following the birth of a child. It says providing leave to fathers is affordable and brings additional benefits to families and society. Daniel Dickinson has been speaking to Laura Addati, a work-family specialist at the ILO. He began by asking her what rights fathers should expect.

Irrigation projects help farmers in rural Tanzania


An irrigation development programme supported by the UN rural agency IFAD has helped change the lives of small scale farmers in rural Tanzania.Single mother, Cecilia William, struggled for many years to grow enough to feed her family. Like the majority of farmers in her area, she used to rely on unpredictable and irregular rainfall to irrigate their crops.Since IFAD introduced the programme in her area, she now has regular access to water.Cecilia's yield is almost 5 times higher and with almost double the income, she has become an innovative entrepreneur. IFAD's Joanne Levitan has the story.

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