WOMEN: Lebanon: A Tradition Yields New Opportunities

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With no end in sight to the conflict in Syria, life as a refugee goes on for millions of people who were forced to flee to neighbouring countries.  In one refugee camp in Lebanon, the art of woodblock printing is being revived.  This traditional fabric printing was once at risk of becoming extinct but with the help of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and its partners, this centuries-old technique is being revived to provide livelihoods for refugees and host communities.  Kefah is one of 60 Syrian and Lebanese women that the agency and its partners are training in traditional fabric printing.  Warda Al Jawahiry reports.

Power to young advocates

Hannah Godefa, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (video capture)

One quarter of the world's population today is youth. Like never before, young people are using social media to voice their opinions and influence change.  But education is vital to enabling young people to fulfil their potential. Hannah Godefa, a 16-year old UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, is passionate about girls' education.  When Canadian born Hannah was visiting her home country Ethiopia for the first time at the age of 7, she became close friends with a girl her age, but was shocked to learn that her Ethiopian friend could not continue their letters because she had no pencils.  Touched by the situation, she became the founder of the Pencil Mountain Project which has now delivered more than half a million pencils to thousands of children in rural Ethiopia.  Rodrigo Riaza, a Spanish Global Youth Ambassador for Education spoke to Hannah and asked her what inspired her to become the advocate that she is today.

A Bangladeshi mother and child. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Justice lacking for victims of sexual violence in Bangladesh, says activist

Many people who commit sexually violent crimes in Bangladesh are not being brought to justice, according to a member of a small community called Chittagong Hill Tract.  Bipasha Chakma is an indigenous woman who has been helping to develop the Chittagong Hill Tract, an area that has been isolated and disadvantaged in the past decades.  As a women's rights activist, she has documented how sexual violence and harassment have been on the rise, while impunity for the perpetrators has reportedly gone up as well. Stephanie Coutrix asked her about the main findings of her research on this issue.

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