UN CALLING ASIA: Jobless growth in India "worrying" for policy makers

Women of Lunavada, India. UN Photo/Jean Pierre Laffont

The economic growth that India has experienced over the last ten years has, many would say, been impressive, but there are concerns that too few new jobs have been created to meet the needs of the country's massive population of 800 million.  The growth has lifted millions of people out of poverty, but large inequalities persist. The United Nations has one of its largest country programmes in India which is a key testing ground for UN development initiatives. Daniel Dickinson has been speaking to Lise Grande, the UN Resident Coordinator. He began by asking her about the main success stories.

 Small fish, big gains in Bangladesh

Small fish in Bangladesh – (IFAD – video capture)

The consumption of small fish in Bangladesh is bringing big health gains to local people, thanks to a project supported by the United Nations. In the past, many Bangladeshis would have rejected small fish in favour of larger varieties, despite the fact that they are high in micronutrients like vitamin A, zinc, iron and calcium.  In Bangladesh, more than 20 million people are estimated to be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, especially pre-school age children and pregnant women. Sam Cole reports on a project funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Lessons in traditional music revitalise indigenous self-identity

Art display at an exhibit. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Traditional music is being used in the Philippines as a creative way to engage indigenous youth in the dialogue about self-identity. Julius Ceasar Daguitan is a member of the Igorot people living in the Cordillera Region of the South-East Asian country. Sophie Outhwaite asked him how he uses music and song to help children explore the distinctive nature of their culture.

Presenter: Daniel Dickinson

Production Assistant: Beng Poblete-Enriquez

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