UN and AFRICA: "Time to take action" on youth unemployment

Job seekers in Zimbabwe. ILO Photo/Maillard J.

The time for talking is over, action must now be taken to combat the increasing levels of youth unemployment around the globe.   That is the resounding message from some young people who recently attended a major conference at the United Nations on youth issues.   Wambui Kahara is the Youth Representative from Kenya attending the conference.   She told Sophie Outhwaite about the situation in Kenya, where an increasingly young population is faced with unemployment and rising underemployment.

Tanzanian villagers find answer to water shortage under their feet

Young rural farmers of Tanzania. UN Photo/B Wolff

Villagers in northern Tanzania have found the answer to a lack of water literally under their feet.   The Maasai villagers used to have to walk for hours each day in search of water, but after drilling a borehole, they found a clean, fresh supply right below their homes.   As Joanne Levitan reports, the water has brought a wide range of benefits.

Zimbabwean female peacekeeper's sees "great opportunity" in her mission

Blue helmet.UN Photo/Saw Lwin

Serving as a United Nations peacekeeper does not only benefit the people who are being assisted but also the peacekeeper.   That's the view of a Zimbabwean female peacekeeper serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).   Routendo Mondenyanya is part of the UNMISS team that is helping the new African nation as it builds its prison system.   She discussed with Regina Gorle the importance of her mission, some of the challenges she is facing and the fulfillment of serving as a UN peacekeeper.

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