UN and AFRICA: South Sudan political crisis took "violent turn" after failed mediation attempts

Hilde Johnson

Efforts made by the United Nations and many others to prevent a political crisis in South Sudan from taking "a violent turn" have failed.  That's what Hilde Johnson, the head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), said as her three-year term in office approached its end.  Government forces have been battling rebels loyal to the former Vice-President Riek Machar since December last year.  The special envoy said she felt the country's leaders needed to take collective responsibility and "stop pointing fingers" at each other.  Ms Johnson shared with Elizabeth Philip the lessons learned about managing the crisis.

IMF helps African countries face new policy challenges as they develop

IMF logo – IMF

A new training institute is being opened in Mauritius by the International Monetary Fund or IMF to help African governments face new policy challenges.  Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa now have a sustained growth of about 5-6 per cent.  The growth is a result of sound economic policies, debt relief, stronger institutions and high investment, the agency says.  As African economies reach higher income levels, they are confronted with a new set of challenges similar to those facing middle income countries elsewhere in the world.  IMF Deputy Managing Director Min Zhu explained to Anneta Orraca-Tetteh that capacity-building was a key component of the training.

Chocolate lovers to protect bio-diversity in São Tomé

Farmer harvesting cacao (IFAD video capture)

Chocolate lovers in Europe are contributing to the preservation of one of the world's biodiversity hot spots.  São Tomé, an island off the west coast of Africa is home to many unique species of flora and fauna.  Protected land is increasingly coming under pressure as impoverished people cut down trees for firewood and construction.  But now a project to revitalize the growing of cocoa, the raw material for chocolate, could reverse that trend.  Joanne Levitan reports.

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