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Ban urges Iraq to form coalition government

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meeting with H.E. Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq.UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

The UN Secretary-General has urged authorities in Iraq to form an inclusive government in order to overcome the "existential threat" the country is facing. Iraq is plagued by ethnic and sectarian divisions. Mr Ban Ki-moon was speaking in Baghdad where he met with the country's Prime Minister and the local press. The country has a [...]

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UN Daily News 24 July 2014

News and features from United Nations Radio.

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Europe urged to do more to curb refugee, migrant deaths at sea

UN Photo/Philip Behan

Europe has been called to action to stop the rise of people dying at sea seeking refuge from countries torn by conflict like Syria, Mali, Libya or insecurity like Somalia. The UN refugee agency issued a statement in Geneva after more than 260 people died crossing or went missing in the Mediterranean in the last [...]

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Multiple dead, injured in shelling of UN Gaza shelter


Many people have died while others have been injured by incoming Israeli fire at a UN school in the northern city of Beit Hanoun in Gaza. Adnan Abu Hasna, Spokesperson for the UN Relief Works Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) confirmed the news on Thursday. The location of the school and the fact that it [...]

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Women and girls in Iraq risk forced circumcision

UNHCR.S. Baldwin

Up to four million women in parts of northern Iraq controlled by the militant group ISIS face the risk of undergoing female genital mutilation, according to United Nations officials in Iraq. The militant group is reported to have issued an order requiring women in Mosul undergo FGM. United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq Jacqueline Badcock, [...]

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75,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea this year

Italian coastguards help migrants found at sea near Lampedusa.UNHCR/A.Di Loreto

More than 800 migrants and asylum seekers have died this year as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean sea towards Europe, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR. In the past ten days alone 260 migrants and asylum seekers have died or been reported missing at sea. UNHCR says survivors have been reporting disturbing incidents [...]

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Sustained progress relies on good policies and social institutions

UNDP launches Human Development Report 2014

Most people in countries have been doing steadily better in human development but the progress has been uneven, a new UN report has found. Human development tracks progress on people's ability to get an education, to be healthy, to have a reasonable standard of life and to be safe, the report says. But it's also [...]

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Put people first to reduce vulnerability, enhance resilience: UN report

UNDP launches flagship Human Development Report 2014.

Extreme poverty or vulnerability threatens human development and unless it's addressed, progress will not be equal or sustainable. That's according to the UN Development Programme's flagship Human Development Report, which has been tracking progress in developing and developed countries for more than 20 years. The report shows that progress on a global scale is continuing, [...]

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WOMEN: "International sisterhood" for five women on Security Council

Joy Ogwu, Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the UN.  UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

The Security Council has been described as an "international sisterhood" by one of the five women ambassadors currently serving on the United Nations body.  For the first time in the history of the Council, women occupy five of the 15 seats.  Ambassador Joy Ogwu of Nigeria is one of them. She hopes that one day [...]

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UN and AFRICA: Massai use radio as "door" to bring their issues to the open

Members of a Maasai traditional singing group, Kenya.  UN Photo/Andi Gitow

The Maasai people in the Ngorongoro District of Tanzania are using radio to air their concerns and reach out to fellow Tanzanians and authorities so that they can better understand their situation.   The Maasai pastoralists are concerned about being pushed out of grazing areas to make way for tourism.   Thanks to the UN cultural agency [...]

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Zimbabwean female peacekeeper’s sees “great opportunity” in her mission

Blue helmet.UN Photo/Saw Lwi

Serving as a United Nations peacekeeper does not only benefit the people who are being assisted but also the peacekeeper. That’s the view of a Zimbabwean female peacekeeper serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Routendo Mondenyanya is part of the UNMISS team that is helping the new African nation as it builds [...]

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UN CALLING ASIA: "Dignified shelters" for Syrian refugees in Iraq

The IKEA Foundation is funding the development of durable and easy-to-assemble shelters for refugees. (video capture)

Syrian refugees at a camp in northern Iraq are enjoying what have been described as "dignified shelters." The white, solid, rectangular shelters are replacing the fabric tents that are typically found in refugee camps across the world. They've been developed by the Swedish retail giant, IKEA, in collaboration with the UN refugee Agency. As Warda [...]

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