UN CALLING ASIA: Bollywood music video recognises rights of LGBT people

A Bollywood-style music video which presses for the recognition of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) is being launched in India by the UN human rights office. It's part of a global campaign to raise awareness of homophobic violence and discrimination.  It comes just after the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to uphold Section 377 of the country's penal code which criminalises homosexual acts.

Regulation of chemicals in the workplace "huge challenge"

The regulation and management of chemicals in the workplace is a "huge challenge" for the global community, according to the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO). The World Health Organization estimates that there are at least 400,000 deaths a year around the world annually which are attributable to the poor management of chemicals at work. Although chemicals are central to many processes and products that have come to be part of daily life, they may also entail significant risks for workers, and the environment. ILO explains how chemicals can impact the safety of people at work.

Man versus Nature

Whether it's Typhoon Haiyan which tore through South East Asia last last year, or the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of 2004, media reports of natural disasters appear unrelenting. But are there more natural disasters today or are we simply more aware of them because of real time, round the clock media coverage? IMF's Nicole Laframboise tells Lauren Ober that the frequency of natural disasters has indeed increased, and it's usually poorer countries that are more affected than the developed.

Presenter: Jocelyne Sambira
Production Assistant: Sandra Guy
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