Malaysia calls for improved monitoring of real-time flight data

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Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Malaysia’s Minister for Communications and Multimedia (ITU-video capture)

Malaysia is urging the UN's ICT agency (ITU) to work with the aviation industry to develop a better way to monitor real-time flight data and record what is happening in the cockpit.

The call came from the country's Minister for Communications and Multimedia, Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

The ITU says that modern technology solutions could aid in monitoring the location of the aircraft, thereby improving the efficiency with which authorities launch rescue efforts in emergency situations.

A multi-nation search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which has been missing for seven weeks, is ongoing.

Mr. Cheek hopes new technological solutions based on international standards could help other countries avoid what Malaysia is enduring.

"Locating and searching for the Black Box should be a thing of the past especially with the advent of cloud computing in the age of Big Data. I believe that data from the aircraft including from the Black Box could be continuously transmitted and stored in data centres on ground."  (18″)

The Black Box or Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) has been used for over 30 years, says Mr Cheek, but communications technologies have evolved drastically in the past five years.

Cloud computing is the act of storing and accessing data over the Internet, while Big Data refers to data sets that are too big to store or manipulate.

ITU and the Malaysian government have organized a two-day expert dialogue that is expected to draw up a blueprint for an ICT solution to real-time tracking of flight data.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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