UN CALLING ASIA: World must stop wasting good food: FAO

The world cannot afford to squander one third of total agricultural production through food loss and waste, according to a group of agricultural ministers from Europe and Central Asia.  These delegates were in Bucharest, Romania as part of a Regional Conference of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).   FAO has been examining food losses and waste in Europe and Central Asia, comparing low-, middle- and high-income countries.  Stjepan Tanic, an economist at the FAO, spoke to Sandra Ferrari about the extent of the problem.

India:  The power of needles

Millions of people around the world, with no access to electricity, are struggling to lift themselves above the poverty line.   Access to power sources has been identified by the UN as a way to boost sustainable development.   In India, electricity is not available to many people living in rural areas. But one couple has found an innovative solution to the problem – right under their feet – showing that small-scale solutions can help solve big problems.   Daljit Dhaliwal reports.

"Digital smoke signals" used as disaster alert in Indonesia

An innovative approach to mining data from mobile phones and the internet has been developed in Indonesia as a tool to better understand and address development issues. The United Nations' Pulse Lab Jakarta, located in Indonesia's capital, is using so-called "digital smoke signals." These signals are created when people are impacted by slow-onset crises and change how they use certain services, such as mobile phones, Twitter and Facebook. The Lab's goal is to identify and analyse these changing patterns of usage, and alert policy makers that vulnerable populations could be in trouble. Pulse Lab Jakarta is the first innovation lab of its kind in Asia. It is part of the United Nations Global Pulse project, created in 2009 to respond to the need for more timely information to monitor the impacts of global and socio-economic crises. UN Radio's Stephanie Coutrix spoke with Giulio Quaggiotto, the Lab Manager in Jakarta, who explained how they are tracking data to protect populations from shocks.

Presenter:  Stephanie Coutrix
Production Assistant:  Beng Poblete-Enriquez
Duration:  10’00″

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