WOMEN: South Sudan: Driving Out Landmines

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After decades of civil war in Sudan, South Sudan gained independence in July 2011, and became the world's newest country. But legacies of the conflict live on. One young woman is challenging traditional roles by driving an armoured vehicle that is built to crush landmines, and in the process is clearing the remnants of her country's troubled past. Mahbub Ahmad has the story in a report produced by Nathan Beriro.

Millions of women suffer from unsafe abortions every year

At least 22 million unsafe abortions take place worldwide every year, according to the Wold Health Organization (WHO). Unsafe abortions occur when a pregnancy is terminated either by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards. Doctor Bela Ganatra from WHO explains what barriers are preventing safe abortions for women. She also wants women to know there is no country in the world where it is illegal for a woman to get care for abortion linked complications.

Movie highlights violence against women and the birth of Beethoven

Ludwig von Beethoven would not exist if his mother, a women violently abused by her husband, had decided to terminate her pregnancy. That's the main message of director Jason Jones' new short film Crescendo, screened in March at the UN. Mr. Jones, an anti-abortion activist, highlighted that Crescendo is not an ideologically driven film, but rather the true story of a woman who made a decision that changed the course of history. Jason Jones spoke to UN Radio's Stephanie Coutrix who described the movie and the reasons for his activism.

Presenter: Stephanie Coutrix
Production Assistant: Beng Poblete-Enriquez
Duration: 10'00"

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