Victims of domestic violence need employment to restart their lives

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At the Liria women’s shelter in Gjilan/Gnjilane, Igballe Hajdari (right), a clothing designer who trains and employs domestic violence survivors, is showing her employees’ latest creations to the shelter’s founder, Nazife Jonuzi (left). UNMIK@PHOTO

A shelter for victims of domestic violence in Kosovo is trying to connect women with sustainable employment so they can restart their lives.

The Liria shelter, in the town of Gjilan, looks after survivors whose circumstances are often tragic.

Violence against women in Kosovo is a widespread problem, with forty-eight per cent of women saying it is okay for their husbands to hit them, according to a UN survey in 2008.

Some attitudes have shifted since then, but the situation today is far from resolved.

Nazife Jonuzi, the founder and head of Liria, feels that Kosovo's society has come a long way.

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