Unchecked travel documents pose danger to passengers worldwide: INTERPOL

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Ronald Noble. UNPhoto/Eskinder Debebe

Around 400 million individuals travel around the world on documents that may be stolen or reported lost.

That's what a senor official of the international police organization, INTERPOL told reporters in New York on Friday during a briefing by the UN's Counter-terrorism Committee.

Ronald Noble, the Secretary-General of INTERPOL warned that stolen and lost travel documents, used by criminals or terrorists, pose a danger to the safety of air passengers.

Yet, he added, many governments around the world are not using the organization's database at airports.

"Our most optimistic estimates suggest that in 2013, out of the 1.2 billion passengers that flew internationally, a minimum of 400 million individuals travelled on documents unchecked against INTERPOL's Lost Travel Document Database. This figure does not include the civilian traffic on domestic flights, unscheduled arrivals or those through international land water crossings."

He said although it met with scepticism when it was first developed, the INTERPOL database now holds records on more than 40 million travel documents.

Daniel Dickinson, United Nations

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