UN AND AFRICA: Rwanda genocide remembered 20 years on

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• This year marks 20 years since Hutu extremists in Rwanda slaughtered approximately 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus within a period of 100 days. The 1994 Rwanda genocide, which is remembered on 7 April each year, shocked the world. It also tested the United Nations capacity to intervene to protect vulnerable people in a conflict.

Deadly Ebola outbreak presents challenge for UN health agency

• The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the most challenging outbreaks it has ever faced. WHO says the diseases has affected Guinea and Liberia and there are reported but no confirmed cases in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Mali. The agency has deployed 50 experts to the affected region.

African Union-UN mission in Darfur to revises its strategic focus

• The joint African Union-UN mission in Darfur (UNAMID) is revising its strategic focus, according to its head. The mission was established in 2007 to protect civilians and promote a political process to resolve the conflict which broke out between government forces and armed groups in 2003. The Security Council recently adopted a resolution to make UNAMID more effective in carrying out its mandate.

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