Probe of human rights abuses in Central African Republic continues

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Amid continued fighting between Muslim and Christian communities in the Central African Republic, school has resumed in parts of the capital Bangui, including with assistance from UNICEF and partners. UN Photo/Serge Nya-Nana

An international team investigating allegations of violations of international humanitarian law in the Central African Republic is continuing its work despite the ongoing violence in the country.

Thousands of people are believed to have been killed and tens of thousands of others have fled their homes as violence continues between Christians and Muslims.

The Chairperson of the International Commission of Inquiry on the Central African Republic, Bernard Muna told UN Radio that the team has already gathered evidence from people in the capital Bangui.

"We will also penetrate where possible, the interior of the nation as time goes on, but even if we cannot, we can get evidence from people who have been to those areas, people who saw what is happening. Some of them escape from those areas to Bangui. They can come and see us and they will give us evidence and it is the veracity of that evidence that we will check. We will check and if we thank that it is true we will give that report to the United Nations and the Security Council." (28")

Mr. Muna warned of a development of hate language in the Central African Republic.

He said it is dangerous because genocide "is always started through hate language" by demeaning and denigrating certain groups in society.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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