One year anniversary of garment factory disaster marked in Bangladesh

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Garment workers at a factory in Bangladesh. Source: Screen capture from ILO video

The anniversary of the collapse of garment factory in Bangladesh a year ago in which more than 1,100 people died and about 2,500 were injured is being marked on Thursday.

The Deputy Director-General of International Labour Organization (ILO) is attending the commemoration of the disaster at the Rana Plaza in Dhaka.

Gilbert Houngbo said that one of the immediate challenges is to pay compensation to the victims of what the ILO has described as one of the worst industrial disasters on record.

"One would be drawing lessons from what has happened, how do we make sure that that never happens again, how do we make sure that we don not jeopardize people's health and safety for the sake of any kind of reasons. Another challenge that we have moving forward, how do we make sure that we assist the government, in this case, Bangladesh, but going beyond Bangladesh as a country to have the minimum institutional capacity to face such challenges." (28")

Ahead of the anniversary of the disaster Mr Houngbo attended a ceremony at which two victims of the tragedy received an initial compensation payment.

The ILO said the other more than 3,000 beneficiaries would also receive an advance payment.

Mr Houngbo said more donations to the Rana Plaza Trust Fund are needed to reach the $40 million target to ensure fair treatment for the victims and their families.

Daniel Dickinson, United Nations.

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