Children given right to complain to UN about violations of their rights

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Children can now complain directly to the United Nations about alleged violations of their rights, according to UN human rights experts.

A new treaty is entering into force on 14 April allowing children to submit complaints to the Committee on the Rights of the Child about specific violations.

However, children can only complain if their government has ratified the treaty, and if they have already exhausted all legal avenues in their own country.

Out of the 193 Member States, so far only 10 have ratified it.

They are Albania, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Gabon, Germany, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand.

But human rights experts are hopeful that that the new protocol will soon reach universal ratification.

In the meantime, experts are insisting the treaty should be widely publicised, and countries should inform children of their right to take action against wrongdoings.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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