WOMEN: Sexual violence victims in DRC need "justice and reparation"

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Human Rights Council. UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré

Helping victims gain justice and reparation remains a key element in combating sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). That's according to senior UN officials.  Discussions at the Human Rights Council in Geneva underlined that sexual and gender-based violence continues to be a serious problem in the country and is often used as a weapon of war. Stephanie Coutrix has more details.

Gender equality benefits all people


Equality between men and women benefits all people according to a US-based global alliance of men's groups. MenEngage is committed to what it calls "transforming the gender relationship."  Oswaldo Montoya, who coordinates the alliance was at the United Nations recently to attend the 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Daniel Dickinson asked him why it is important for men to be at the centre of the debate on inequality.

Equal opportunities promote gender equality in Jamaican sports

Spectators watch as a man soars in the long jump. UN Photo/Logan Abassi

Few people would argue that athletics and especially sprinting is the sport that Jamaica is most famous for worldwide. The Caribbean country’s track and field athletes- both men and women- have won many Olympic medals over the years. It’s not by accident, according to Michael Fennel, President of the Jamaica Olympic Association and member of the International Olympic Committee's Women and Sport Commission. He says the country’s current sports policy is based on equal opportunities for both genders. Mr. Fennel spoke to Jocelyne Sambira about how sport can help promote gender equality.

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