North Korea rejects report on human rights violations

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Commission of Inquiry

North Korea has rejected as mere fabrication, the report by the Independent Commission of Inquiry set up to examine human rights violations in the country.

North Korea's representative in Geneva, So Se Pyong said the witnesses who testified before the commission were defectors and criminals who had escaped from the country.

He accused the United States and other hostile forces of attempting to use the commission of inquiry to eliminate the leadership of the North Korea and its socialist system.

"The escalating campaign in the area of human rights conducted by hostile forces against the DPRK including through instigating the COI to come up with extremely unreasonable assertions like the referral to the international criminal court represents only a desperate attempt to eliminate our social system by all means and ridiculous provocation. We have never ever recognised the mandate of the COI which was fabricated and is manipulated by the hostile forces in pursuit of ill minded political objectives and will continue to remain invariable in our position to oppose and reject it. In the DPRK, we have the socialist system which guarantees human rights and fundamental freedoms of the entire people, both legally and in practice. We shall continue to strongly defend our socialist system which was chosen by our people and is the cradle of life and happiness and to make further efforts to faithfully fulfil our obligations in the international arena of human rights."

In its report, tabled before the UN Human Rights Council on Monday, the Commission of Inquiry said it found systematic, widespread and grave human rights violation including an array of crimes against humanity being committed in the North Korea.

The Commission said extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual offences were part of policies established at the highest level of the state.

Patrick Maigua, United Nations, Geneva.

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