Liberia makes progress in building peace but faces challenges

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Karin Landgren

Liberia is making progress in rebuilding after the civil war that ended in 2003 but still faces challenges, according to the top UN envoy in the country.

Karin Landgren the head of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) briefed the Security Council on Thursday.

She said the political and security environment in Liberia remains relatively stable and progress continues in a number of areas.

However, she added, as the country enters its second post-conflict decade, it continues to face great challenges to institutionalizing reforms and building capacity for effective governance.

Ms Landgren said voices across a wide spectrum continue to express dissatisfaction with national authorities and policies.

"Motorcycle taxi unions, business owners and civil society have held demonstrations. Health workers have gone on strike twice since December and all operations of Liberia's main university were interrupted for three months due to student protests and violence. Eleven anti-government protests were charged with sedition in October, bringing criticism that the government was using the law in an instrumental manner to dampen opposition and descent. Tensions between large concessions and communities continued." (29")

Ms. Landgren said continuing to manage an appropriate exit strategy from Liberia in whose stability the international has invested so much will remain a delicate challenge for UNMIL and the Security Council.

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations.

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