Inter-communal hatred in Central African Republic "terrifying"

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Navi Pillay addresses the press in Bangui, Central African Republic. Photo: BINUCA/Dany Balepe

The inter-communal hatred in the Central African Republic is at what has been described as a "terrifying level."

The observation has been made by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, who has spent two days of discussions with transitional government officials in the capital Bangui.

The country has been plagued by violence and counter-violence between Christian and Muslim communities.

Ms. Pillay said the situation in the Central African Republic is dire and people continue to be killed on a daily basis, especially by the militias known as "anti-Balaka".

"The inter-communal hatred remains at a terrifying level, as evidenced by the extraordinarily vicious nature of the killings. This has become a country where people are not just killed, they are tortured, mutilated, burned and dismembered – sometimes by spontaneous mobs as well as by organized groups of armed fighters. Children have been decapitated, and we know of at least four cases where the killers have eaten the flesh of their victims." (33")

Ms. Pillay said the Central African Republic has not received the international attention that is commensurate with its needs.

That attention, she added, "pales by comparison with other situations where international interventions have proved largely successful."

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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