Governments urged to facilitate regular migration

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Francois Crépeau, Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants

Governments around the world have been urged to facilitate regular migration of workers in order to stop the empowerment of what has been called "smuggling mafias".

The appeal was made by the UN independent expert on the Human Rights of Migrants, Francois Crépeau who spoke to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday.

He said irregular migration is largely a response to unrecognized needs in the labour market of host countries as migrants are often willing to do the dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs offered by unscrupulous employers.

Mr. Crépeau outlined measures that States must take to deal with fewer irregular border crossings, less smuggling of migrants, less loss of life at borders and fewer violations of the human rights of migrants.

"States must recognize their real labour needs, including for low skilled work, open up more regular migration channels, including for blue collar workers, regulate and sanction employers who exploit migrants in order to reduce the underground labour markets that attract migrants and move away from the criminalization of irregular migration that has mostly empowered smuggling mafias." (25")

Mr. Crépeau appealed for harm reduction policies that must replace what he called "the securitization of migration, based on criminalization, detention and expulsion."

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations

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