UN AND AFRICA:Cycle of violence in Central African Republic needs to stop: UN Rights Chief

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Refugees from CAR. @UNHCR/P.Spiegel

• Efforts must be made to restore security and the rule of law in order to break the cycle of violence and revenge in the Central African Republic. The UN human rights chief issued the strongly worded statement on Wednesday. The former Muslim rebels known as the ex-Séléka are regrouping in the north, provoking a new cycle of violence.

Sniffer dogs ensure safety of UN base

Sniffer dog in South Sudan. UNMISS@PHOTO

• It's a rare occurrence to see a dog on a lead in South Sudan, even rarer, a dog with a job. But that is set to change, at least at the United Nations mission in the country, UNMISS. Eight dogs have been trained to sniff out any explosives, weapons or contraband being brought into the UNMISS camps.

Provision of water, sanitation and energy remains a challenge in Africa

Boys carrying water in Somalia.UN Photo/Tobin Jones

• Despite progress that African countries have made in providing water, sanitation and energy to their people, they still face challenges, according to Water Aid, a non-governmental organization. Its official who attended a UN meeting this week says African leaders need to prioritize provision of these services. The UN estimates that globally 2.5 billion people don't have access to adequate sanitation and just over one billion still practice open defecation.

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