Syrian peace talks adjourned indefinitely

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Lakhdar Brahimi

The second round of the Syrian peace talks has ended, without making progress.

United Nations and Arab League special envoy for Syria Lakdhar Brahimi expressed disappointment at the failure by the government and the opposition to find a common ground on which to start the negotiations.

Speaking in Geneva on Saturday, Mr Brahimi apologized to the Syrian people for the lack of progress on the peace talks and appealed to the government and the opposition to deeply reflect on whether they want the peace process to take place or not.

"I am very very much sorry and I apologize to the Syrian people that their hopes which were very high that something will happen here, I think that the little that has been achieved in Homs, gave them even more hope that may be this is the beginning of the coming out of this horrible crisis they are in. I apologize to them that on this two rounds we haven't helped them very much. I very very much hope that the two sides will reflect and think a little bit better and come back ready to engage serous on how to implement the Geneva communiqué."

Mr Brahimi said the two sides had agreed on the agenda for the third round, to include ending violence and terrorism, establishment of the transitional governing body (TGB), national institutions and national reconciliation. However both sides remain divided on how to proceed.

"We suggested that the first day will be set for discussions on ending violence and combating terrorism and the second day would be reserved to discussion on the transitional governing body (TGB). It being extremely clear that one day will not be enough to finish the discussion of violence and terrorism and one day will not be enough on discussing the TGB. Unfortunately the government have rejected, which raises the suspicion of the opposition that in fact the government does not want to discuss the TGB at all. So I think it is better that every side goes back and reflect and take their responsibility. Do they want this process to take place or not. I will do the same. I will go and speak to the secretary general, we need also to discuss with our partners in the trilateral and also I think I will brief the p5 and the security council as a whole."

No date has been set for the start of the third round of the peace talks.

Patrick Maigua, United Nations, Geneva.

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