Syria government "deeply regrets" lack of progress at Geneva talks

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Faisal Makdad

A top delegate of the Syrian government expressed his "deep regret" over the lack of progress at the Geneva II peace conference.

Faisal Makdad, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister told reporters on Friday that his delegation had gone to the talks with an aim to "reach a political solution to the crisis".

The talks are supposed to focus on stopping a three-year civil war, as well as setting up a transitional governing body.

Mr. Makdad said his teams' priority was to reach an agreement on fighting terrorism first.

"Unfortunately the other side has come with a different agenda. They have come with an agenda that is not realistic. It contains only one item and it selectively addresses the Geneva communiqué and this other party does not want to talk about anything else except the question of the transitional governing body, while we are ready to discuss everything, and we reaffirmed in all the meeting that we have held with you that we insist on starting with the ending of violence and the fighting of terrorism, not because this is what we want but because the parties that formulated Geneva communiqué wanted this. We did not invent this, we did not start that. "

The Syrian minister accused the opposition of "not recognizing terrorism" or terrorist groups like the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Nur Ad-din.

Jocelyne Sambira, United Nations.

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