UN CALLING ASIA: Second chance for male trafficking victims in Cambodia

Male victims of trafficking

Migrant workers from Cambodia are falling into the hands of human traffickers and smugglers in their quest for decent jobs abroad according to the International Organisation for Migration(IOM). The South-East Asian country’s steady economic growth over the past few years has not yielded enough employment opportunities to absorb the growing youth population.

And as a result, many young Cambodians are opting to migrate to other countries in the region to look for jobs.

Young South Korean entrepreneur creates rural jobs

Suk Moo Lee

The future for many young people looking for jobs in Asia could be in rural areas rather than in cities, according to some economists working on employment issues. Typically, the scarcity of rural jobs has driven young people to urban areas in search of employment, but that trend could be reversed as more opportunities are created in agriculture. Suk Moo Lee is a young South Korean entrepreneur who left the city to develop a successful business growing blueberries.

He benefitted from government programmes which encourage young people to set up businesses, especially agricultural ones.

Gender equality promoted on UN's World Radio Day

Bibi Russell

Radio broadcasting is being promoted as a key way to promote gender equality and women's empowerment around the world. On World Radio Day on Thursday February 13, the UN's cultural organization, UNESCO, is raising awareness of the power of radio to promote access to information and the freedom of expression as a means to boost equality.The medium continues to be the most accessible source of news and information across the developing world. Bibi Russell is a Bangladeshi Fashion designer, and a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. She's been talking about the importance of radio in her community.

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