Security Council discusses lessons of war and search for permanent peace

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Conflicts inside countries whose fall-out the United Nations is often tasked with finding a solution for, are reoccurring too often.

That's what the head of the UN Department of Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman told the Security Council on Wednesday as it discussed war, its lessons and the search for a permanent peace.

Mr. Feltman cited conflicts in Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic as examples of the relevance of the Council's debate.

"The founders of the United Nations, in seeking to end ‘the scourge of war,’ had in the forefront of their minds the searing experience of a global conflagration that pitted states against states. In more recent years, the UN has often been called upon to contribute to ending conflicts inside states rather than between states. Moreover, in a point relevant for today’s debate, even as conflicts between states lessen in number, conflicts inside states too often re-occur." (28")

The head of political Affairs at the UN told the Security Council distortions of history and identity can be contributing factors in both types of conflicts.

Mr. Feltman said helping groups inside states move beyond what he called "zero-sum thinking to accepting a shared national narrative is especially hard."

He concluded by asking if the international community, and more specifically the members of the Security Council and the UN, can provide incentives for reconciliation that is nationally-owned and led.

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations


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