UN launches Haiti Response Plan for 2014

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Camp in Port-au-Prince. UN Photo/Logan Abassi

The United Nations on Tuesday launched 2014 Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP) for Haiti to the tune of US$169 million. The Plan outlines the needs of more than 800,000 Haitians in 35 of the country's 140 communes and the strategy proposed to address the most critical of these needs.

Half of the requirements are intended to provide basic services and durable solutions for 100% of the remaining 145,000 estimated to be in camps in early 2014.

The Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator for Haiti – Mr. Peter de Clercq said while durable solutions are being pursued, protection in camps remains a priority as remaining the internally-displaced live at hightened risk of forced evictions.

“How we respond today on  Haiti would have an impact on the needs of tomorrow and if we would prematurely disengage from Haiti, it's almost certain that we would be back for more humanitarian intervention at a later stage. But we can provide a good basis to combat future crises to empower the government to have the capacity available to address those and see that certainly in terms of disaster response happening quite effectively. So there is certainly a keenness on their part to take the leadership of these efforts rather than to leave it to the international community and to humanitarians in particular.”

Humanitarian Coordinator Peter de Clercq says camp residents are also affected by violence perpetrated by criminal gangs operating in their neighbourhoods and sometimes in the camps themselves. Gender-based violence and an inadequate access to medical, psychosocial and legal assistance for victims continue to be of grave concern. The remaining needs pertain to food security, nutrition, as well as minimum preparedness activities required to face a potential disaster.

He says we owe to the Haitians, ourselves and to the efforts made thus far to see the journey through and in the not too distant future Haitians can live in a house and not in a tent, be free from hunger, malnutrition, free of cholera and with much stronger coping mechanisms in case of a future crisis.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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