UN envoy in Libya stresses need for dialogue with armed groups

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Tarek Mitri is Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)

The top United Nations envoy in Libya says the security situation in the country continues to be precarious, with clashes between armed groups and civilians.

Briefing the Security Council on Monday, Ambassador Tarek Mitri, the head of the UN Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), said there is public anger against armed revolutionary brigades and armed groups.

He pointed out that last month, 46 people died and more than 500 others were injured when demonstrators took to the streets demanding the withdrawal of armed groups from the capital, Tripoli.

There was also a wave of protests in Benghazi demanding the eviction of armed brigades and for the reconstitution of the police and army.

"In the present juncture, we believe it is essential for all parties to engage in dialogue and create the right balance of incentives in order to stimulate a comprehensive process of reintegration and eventual disarmament, ultimately moving therefore towards the establishment of a state monopoly on the use of armed force." (29")

Ambassador Mitri said UNSMIL has asked for enhancing the protection of its premises, a request he says "is an ordinary measure taken by diplomatic missions, international or regional bodies, in Libya and elsewhere."

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations.

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