This is the time to enhance commitment to climate change: The Bahamas

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Kenred Dorsett

NAR: This is not a time for backsliding, but a time for ramping up and enhancing commitment to tackle climate change and increase funding to deal with climate change related events.

That's what The Bahamas' Minister of Environment Kenred Dorsett told the High-level meeting of the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

He said The Bahamas is a small archipelagic nation and the need to replace and repair critical infrastructure throughout the Islands was paramount to the country's ability to adapt to climate change.

And he urged developed nations to operationalize and capitalise the Green Climate Fund which was set up to make significant and ambitious contributions to the global efforts towards attaining the goals set by the international community to combat climate change.

TAPE: Vulnerable States like The Bahamas must be given access to such funding mechanisms. Per capita income cannot be the primary criteria for eligibility for funding, as it does not reflect the real economic and fiscal challenges of developing countries. The Bahamas needs your help! We are not fully able to adapt to or mitigate the loss and damages associated with climate change induced processes. We are losing territory, livelihood and lives, and we call up this COP (Conference of Parties) to make a decision to implement an adequate mechanism to address loss and damage.”

NAR: Minister Dorsett explained that The Bahamas to manage economic development in a way that was compatible with nature. He stressed that to that end, The Bahamas had taken certain legislative measures.

TAPE: The Bahamas has amended its Forestry Act to provide a legal framework for the long-term conservation and sustainable management of forests. Limiting the emission of greenhouse gases is being accomplished through tax measures which enable hybrid and electric vehicles to be imported at lower tariff. In addition to these legislative measures, we have given focus to promoting renewable energy use within the country.

NAR: Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett said the government is facilitating climate action in the housing sector, adding they are pursuing the development of green sub-divisions which would be solar powered.

TAPE: We need adequate and predictable sources of funding to make these projects a reality. We have a new energy strategy that focuses on the awareness of energy conservation. Also, energy generation will be 30% powered by renewable energy sources by 2030 and in 2014, the government will introduce a framework for 10% of the existing generating capacity to come fro solar residential energy self-generation. Through our energy sector reforms, our goal is to reduce the cost of electricity and our reliance on fossil fuels by using cleaner fuels like natural gas.”

NAR: The Bahamas Environment Minister warned that climate change continues to impact The Bahamas in a real way such as through the significant loss and damage to its coastal infrastructure.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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