CARICOM calls for overhaul of UN Security Council

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George Talbot

Overhaul of the Security Council must include streamlined working methods and a broader, more representative membership that reflected geopolitical realities and prepared the body to fulfil its mandate of maintaining global peace and security, said delegates as the General Assembly during its debate on Council reform.

Guyana's representative, George Talbot, speaking on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), said "there cannot be a reformed Council without Africa as a permanent and equal member of the Council."

He said reform of the Security Council was without question the greatest imperative for the future of the United Nations.

He said for its part, CARICOM supported the expansion of both categories of membership and called for an increase from 15 to 27 members, adding that the role of developing countries must also be enhanced in both categories.

“CARICOM has remained seized at the highest political level of the need for definitive progress on this important issue and our delegations are fully committed to playing a constructive role in the process. The 24th Intercessional Conference of Heads of States and Government of the Caribbean Community, held in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, February 18-19, 2013, recalled “…CARICOM’s longstanding activism in the negotiations to reform the United Nations Security Council” and called for “greater urgency in achieving lasting Security Council Reform”. CARICOM supports expansion in both the permanent and non-permanent categories of membership. We call for an increase in the size of the Security Council membership from 15 to 27. CARICOM maintains that the role of developing countries should be enhanced in both categories. In this regard, CARICOM has been resolute in its support for the inclusion of Africa in the permanent category of membership on the Council. There cannot be a reformed Council without Africa as a Permanent and equal member on the Council. We call for provision for a special seat for small island developing states in a reformed Security Council. CARICOM supports elimination of the veto. However in the event of its retention, we consider that all new permanent members of the Security Council must have the same rights and privileges.”

Ambassador Talbot also called for improved working methods of the Council so as to increase the involvement of the non-members in its work and to enhance its accountability and transparency.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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