There is hope and optimism in Somalia but challenges remain

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Fawziya Yusuf Haji Adan

• The Security Council met this week for a briefing on Somalia. It was told that the country continues to make progress in rebuilding state institutions and restoring peace and order. However, it was also warned that the situation remains fragile with Al-Shabaab insurgents still posing a threat.

Doctor in DR Congo helps restore dignity to rape victims

Dr. Denis Mukwege

• Dr. Denis Mukwege continues to help women who have been raped and mutilated by armed men in eastern DR Congo. He is the founder of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu. Dr. Mukwege was in New York recently to thank the UN Secretary-General for his support and for the protection he is getting from the UN mission in the DR Congo.

Education is a challenge for South Sudan

Students in South Sudan

• One of the challenges facing the new African nation of South Sudan is providing education to its children. Decades of war have left almost three-quarters of adults illiterate in the country. Since South Sudan seceded from the north in July 2011, it has struggled to build an education system for children and to educate the millions of adults who missed out on school during the war.

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