Jamaica encourages the development of national plans on international migration and development

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Arnold Brown

Jamaica has demonstrated its commitment since 2006, to optimizing the benefits of migration while minimizing it challenges.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arnold Brown told a High-level meeting on International Migration and development that the Government has made every effort to include these and other related issues in deliberations at the national level and to identify strategies that would make migration work for countries of origin, destination and transit and for the migrants themselves. Among those actions were protecting human rights and integrating migration into the development agenda.

” In this regard the government has developed a National Policy and Plan of Action on International Migration and Development, which addresses the broad and evolving range of challenges and opportunities associated with migration. The policy is meant to manage migration in ways that more effectively integrate it into national development planning. This will be achieved by harnessing migration's development potential to benefit the society and migrants through sustainable development and poverty reduction strategies. The National Policy and Plan of Action also recognizes that migration stimulates the creation of new economic opportunities in destination countries and that migrants become true agents of development through the transfer of human, social and financial capital. We encourage our partners that have not yet done so, to develop national plans and forge partnerships at the national and global levels, which can in turn improve cooperation between and among States.”

Minister of State Arnold Browne said "Global migration and development perspectives should be 'people-friendly', enabling countries of origin, destination and the migrants themselves to share equitably the benefits of migration," adding that efforts should be made to reduce the transfer costs of remittances to let workers and their families keep more of the money they earned.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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