Dominican-born woman of Haitian descent becomes stateless after court ruling

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Haitian teenagers in the Dominican Republic. (@UNHCR/J.Tanner)

Three generations of Dominicans of Haitian descent have become stateless following a ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal of the Dominican Republic.

A stateless person cannot travel, vote or even access basic services. The ruling is at odds with positions and recommendations made by the United Nations system in the Dominican Republic.

The Tribunal's ruling came against a challenge filed by a mother of four, because she was denied an identity card or ID.

Married too young: Mozambique makes effort to improve maternal mortality.

Mother taking care of her baby

In Mozambique, more than half of all young girls are married before the age of 18, one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

And not every adolescent girl or woman there gets the chance to safely deliver their babies.

Fifteen-year-old Ilse Guambe was plucked out of school and married at the age of thirteen. She got pregnant shortly after, changing her life forever.

More female peacekeepers needed in post-conflict countries

Hester Paneras

More women are needed in UN peacekeeping missions –especially those who speak Arabic, according to the Police Commissioner for the African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur.

Hester Paneras is the first woman to hold the position in a peacekeeping mission.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a campaign in August 2009 to lift the percentage of women peacekeepers to 20 percent in police units by 2014, and to 10 percent in military contingents.

Ms. Paneras began by describing to Derrick Mbatha what she saw during her patrols in the displaced camps in Darfur.

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