Zimbabwe needs food assistance over next six months

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Zimbabwean farmer

• Over 2.2 million people will need food assistance over the next six months in Zimbabwe, according to the World Food Programme. It says food insecurity has been triggered by bad weather conditions, high cost of supplies, and lack of availability of fertilizers and seeds, as well as poor harvest, among other things. WFP points out that  the food situation in the country is the worst since 2009.

Tanzania to benefit from UN nuclear agency's workshop on water

Tanzanian farmer

• September 1 to 6 is World Water Week to highlight the importance of this resource which is critical for food production. The UN nuclear and agricultural agencies recently organized a six-week training course on agricultural water management for their member states. A participant from Tanzania says his country will benefit from the course.

Zambian student learns how UN conducts its business

Model UN in GA Hall

• A Zambian student participated in a recent workshop to teach students about how the UN conducts its business. The students are part of Model UN which simulates sessions of the General Assembly or the Security Council. The Zambian student says the workshop has provided him with valuable knowledge about the UN.

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