Vietnamese teenager raises her voice on behalf of disabled youth

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Crystal and Stevie Wonder push for inclusion for children with disabilities (PHOTO@UNICEF)

At her high school in Viet Nam, some students refer to Nguyen Phuong Anh as "X-Woman," comparing her to one of the mutant superheroes from the X-Men comics and films who use their powers for good.

But the teenager, who was born with brittle bone disease, prefers to call herself "Crystal" as this name hints at both her fragility and her strength.

Sixteen-year-old Crystal was at the UN this week where she joined music superstar and UN Messenger of Peace Stevie Wonder to advocate on behalf of children with disabilities.

Crystal is no stranger to the spotlight, having won the hearts of her fellow citizens when she auditioned for 'Viet Nam's Got Talent.' And now, as a friend of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Viet Nam, the aspiring entertainer has her sights set on conquering the world.

Dianne Penn caught up with the little lady with the big voice during her recent visit to New York.

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