UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall urges young people not to lose hope in protecting the environment

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Jane Goodall

United Nations Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, on Wednesday called on young people around the world not to lose hope in their efforts to protect the environment.

Ms. Goodall, who is well known for her study of the African chimpanzee, spoke at an event attended by students, teachers and diplomats to mark the International Day of Peace.

She reminded young people about Roots and Shoots, a network of hundreds of thousands of young people from about 120 countries who are campaigning for the protection of the environment.

Ms. Goodall said if young people grow up to treat the planet and its resources the way the generation before them has done, then there is no point in even trying to save the chimpanzees and forests.

"So, Roots and Shoots from the very beginning had one main message.  'Every single one of us matters. Every single one of us makes a difference every single day and we have a choice what sort of difference we are going to make. So that from the start Roots and Shoots was about every group choosing three projects, so that we have rounded people thinking holistically, a project to help people, a project to help animals and a project to help the environment that we all share." (28")

Ms. Jane Goodall said the projects are not only for learning about things but learning and taking action.

She said the theme in all of these projects is learning to live in peace and harmony with each other and the natural world.

Derrick Mbatha, United Nations

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