There is no civil war in terror, but a war against terror: Syrian Foreign Minister Al-Moualem

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Walid Al-Moualem, Deputy Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

The cessation of aggressive policies against Syria is the first step on the road towards the solution in the country, according to Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Al-Moualem.

He told the UN General Assembly on Monday that any political solution in light of the continued support of terrorism, whether through supplying arms, funding or training, is mere illusion and misleading.

“Syria has repeatedly announced that she embraces a political solution of its crisis; it is now for those who claim to support a political solution in Syria to stop all hostile practices and policies against Syria, and to head to Geneva without preconditions. On the basis of the peoples’ right to self-determination the Syrian people has the exclusive authority to choose its leadership, its representatives, and decide its future and the political system that accommodates all walks of the Syrian society, including those who were deceived and pushed to take a wrong path.” (47″)

Foreign Minister Al-Moualem says there is no civil war in Syria, but it is a war against terror that recognizes no values, nor justice, nor equality, and disregards any rights or laws.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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